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These differences a method, pace and tradition
are a great misfortune to the whole English-
speaking world* We English people do not
respect Americans enough ; we are too disposed
to think they are all Quincy Howes and Harry
Elmer Barneses and Borahs and suchlike, con-
ceited and suspicious anti-British monomaniacs,
who must be humoured at any cost; which is
why we are never so frank and rude with them as
they deserve. But the more we must contain
ourselves the less we love them. Real brothers
can curse each other and keep friends. Some day
Britannia will give Columbia a piece of her mind,
and that may clear the air. Said an exasperated
Englishman to me a day or so ago : " I pray to
God they keep out of the end of this war
anyhow. We shall never hear the last of it if they
Yet at a different pace our two peoples are
travelling towards identical ends, and it is
lamentable that a difference of accent and idiom
should do more mischief than a difference of
So far as Great Britain goes things are nearer
and closer to me, and it seems to me that there is
an excellent opportunity now to catch the country
in a state of socialisation and suspended party
politics, and keep it at that. It is a logical but
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